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Feb 6, 2011 8:00am PST
party and what impact does he have on democrats like president obama? joining us, more from james baker, reagan's chief of staff, former reagan speech writer peggy noonan, former mayor willie brown and andrea peggy noonan, former mayor willie brown and andrea mitchell. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning. we go first live to cairo where nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel is joining us again live on the scene in cairo. richard, what is the latest there? >> reporter: there appear to have been major breakthroughs after negotiations today between members of the opposition and the vice president of egypt. according to a government statement that we just received, egypt has made several very significant concessions. one, two end the emergency law that has been in place in this country since 1981 as soon as security on the ground here permits. two, to allow more candidates to run for president, to allow greater freedom of the press , o suspend future meetings of parliament until allegations of corruption and electoral fraud are flushed out, to respect
Feb 7, 2011 2:05am EST
about the united states' influence at this point. you have been critical of the obama administration for not having a consistent message. what influence is the administration having an events there? >> well, i think the u.s., of course, has close ties to the u.s., but they are not going to determine the events in the streets of egypt. but i think, you know, everybody expects them to stand up for the basic universal values, freedom, democracy, rule of law, human rights and the u.s. at the beginning has been behind the curve. i think they caught up in the last few days, but the special representative made the statement yesterday saying president mubarak must stay in power. that came down here like a piece of lead. then it was denied by the white house. you know, it was retracted by the white house. i think what people expect is not that the u.s. will effect change in u.s. but they have to be very clear that they are on the side of the people for freedom and democracy, for egypt to move to what i call the second republic, a move from an authoritarian system into democracy. >> let me sho
Feb 14, 2011 2:05am EST
, president obama hosted a trio of republican leaders at the white house for lunch on wednesday. the common theme -- finding some areas for potential compromise. >> it was a very good lunch and we were able to find enough common ground, i think, to show the american people that we're willing to work on their behalf and willing to do it together. >> but with the president's budget being released tomorrow, will both sides be able to work together on some issues, even as battle lines over spending and the deficit take center stage? >> joining me now, the speaker of the house, representative john boehner of ohio. mr. speaker, welcome back to "meet the press." >> david, good to be with you. >> i want to talk about egypt, this is a developing story. you heard rick santorum, former senator, might run for president, voicing the view of some republicans, that we were hasty here and that the united states walked way way from a stalwart ally and we don't really know what the consequences will be. is that your view? >> well egypt has been a strong ally of the united states for the last 30 years. and th
Feb 20, 2011 2:00pm EST
or never else, and we've condemned that violence. we had outreach from president obama, national security adviser, secretary of state clinton urging that restraint and encouraging what is now tran spierg, which seems to be the pullback of the military forces and now real effort to engage the opposition in a broad-based dialogue that will enable the people's aspirations to be discussed. >> can the government as it now stands survive in bahrain? >> well, david, i wouldn't want to be in the business of predictions in this very volatile environment as we're seeing change so rapidly. what we're encouraging governments in the region to do is recognize this is a yearning for change and reform. it needs to be respected. they need to get ahead of it by leading rather than being pushed. >> you know, among our arab allies, according to diplomats i talked to, they criticize what they see as inconsistency on the part of it. it was framed this way. i'll put it up on the screen. by his actions the magazine writes mr. obama put other authoritarian allies on notice. he thinks that even pro wester
Feb 28, 2011 4:00am EST
like wisconsin. mounting leadership tests for president obama, as the battle lines of the 2012 campaign come into sharper view. this morning, how will the standoff in wisconsin end? and is the fight there with the unions about ideology or shared sacrifice? >> not just about the budget, now and into the future, not just about jobs or workers, this is ultimately about the future of our state. >> my guests, a man at the center of the storm, embattled republican governor, scott walker. >>> also the future of the middle east remains in doubt as libya's brutal dictator cracks down on protesters. >> these actions violate international norms and every stander of common decency. this violence must stop. >> what's next? and has the administration done enough? joining me this morning from the site of such unrest earlier this month, cairo, egypt, the ranking member on the senate armed services committee. republican john mccain. >>> then our political roundtable, what rising oil costs could mean to our own economy. can washington avoid a government shutdown over spending? and the rhetorical
Feb 28, 2011 3:00am PST
federal government as it is today. under barack obama, he presides over the federal government when most federal employees do not have collective bargaining for benefits or pay. we're asking for something less restrictive -- >> i asked you a more specific question, which is what's wrong with collective bargaining? >> it's about the fact that as a local official, i can tell you personally, time and time again, because of collective bargaining when we had tough budgets in the past when i was at the county presiding as a c.o. there, i tried to do modest changes in pension and health care. one year, i literally tried to do a 35-hour work week to try to avoid massive layoffs and furloughing and the union said forget it. emboldened by the fact that they had collective bargaining agreements, they said go ahead, lay off 400 to 500 people. and to me, laying off people in this economy is completely unacceptable. if we don't get these changes and the senate democrats don't come back. we'll be forced to make up the savings in layoffs and that's unacceptable. >> we have satellite delay that gets
Feb 28, 2011 2:17am EST
hitler. we spend time on this program talking about the nonsense about obama being a muslim or not being born in america and asking republicans if they reject that. should that kind of discourse be rejected in this fight? >> absolutely. it's inappropriate. it should be condemned. not only by people close to the governor, but by those of us who are observers. i think that's something that we've got to squash in this country. we've come to a point in this government discussion where you know, one side says anything goes. to get my point across. and i think it would be certainly something that i would condemn. but, but it goes even further than that. we're not even involved in trying to solve the problems. one side proposes, the other side opposes. that's why we're not making progress. you know, the governor is saying here, you know, you know, you come back, let's prevent me laying off employees. if you, when the lion and the lamb lie down, if you look closely, when the lion gets up, the lamb is missing. when the governor says, come back home, he's not saying, let's negotiate. he's saying,
Feb 6, 2011 2:00pm EST
believe today is why we have such a great relationship with the soviet union and why president obama has been able to sign the treaty. >> when we look back at his life and legacy and presidency, bob franken, and controversy over his economic policies, for example, there are few who would doubt the impact of that conversation that we just heard from al and the way it all played out. in fact, i think at the museum at the ronald reagan museum they have a piece of the berlin wall. talk about ronald reagan as president and his accomplishments. >> it's interesting. on the one hand he was complex individual, complex personally, had a complex history going all the way from being president of the screen actors guild and the democrat to becoming the personification of republican politics. when it came to expressing his visions, he had a very clear-cut way to do that. when it came to the berlin wall, of course, the iconic moment is mr. gorbachev, tear down that wall. it is a great sound byte. ronald reagan is a great master of the sound byte. this is a man who was able to, in effect, overcome his c
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)